As many of you know, WNYMBA recently held a GoFundMe campaign for the purchase of a 4-wheeler to help us with trail work at our various trail systems. In the past, we used a mechanical wheelbarrow, which we affectionately called “The Travis,” to haul stone and other materials to remote areas of trail. However, we soon learned that the wheelbarrow simply couldn’t handle some of the more difficult tasks that we required from it.

Your donations for the new 4-wheeler and trailer will help the club with hauling materials to remote sections of trail. This will be especially useful at Hunter’s Creek County Park and at Sprague Brook County Park, where much of our recent work consists of moving stone and lumber for bridges and boardwalks.

So, we would like to thank everyone who donated. Your donation will make our lives much easier and will help us stay on top of our trail maintenance.

Thank you, from WNYMBA!