Fall?  It sure seems like summer!  The weather lately is nicer (and warmer) than a lot of July and August.  But Fall does indeed start later this week, and it is time to put out the fall schedule of work days.  This warm weather can last all that long.

So far, we have work days planned at Darien Lake, Hunters Creek and Sprague Brook.  We hope to add a few more dates, including possibly an Ellicottville date and another Hunters.

So far we have:

  • Darien Lake Trail Building Sept. 30
  • Sprague Brook Fall Day #1 Oct. 14
  • Hunters Creek Oct. 21
  • Sprague Brook Fall Day #2 Nov. 4

Hope to see you all there.

  • Item One Here

  • Item Two Here

  • Item Three Here

  • Item Four Here

  • Item Five Here

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