Effect of stone moisture on the output of ultrafine mill

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The production of ultrafine mill is related to many factors. In production, if we find that the output has changed, we must find the causes in time and solve them. Among the many factors that affect the output, One of them is the nature of the feed, and the feed properties include hardness, viscosity and other aspects. What is analyzed here is whether the moisture of the feed has an effect on the yield.
Through the introduction of the working principle of the ultrafine mill, it can be found that when the machine processes materials, the blade first shovels the stone between the grinding rollers, and then, under the action of the strong centrifugal force and gravity of the grinding rollers The stone is tightly crushed on the grinding ring, so that the material is gradually crushed and ground into powder. In this process, a lot of heat will be generated in the grinding cavity. At this time, if the moisture content in the material is large, the moisture will be heated. There will be a certain degree of evaporation, so it will affect the direction of air flow in the grinding chamber, not only affect the size of the output, but also cause a blast accident in severe cases. This is very important for the production of ultrafine mills. The disadvantage is that it is very important to control the moisture in the feed.
In addition, during work, if the moisture content in the feed is relatively large, when it is ground, the powder will adhere to the grinding chamber because of the high humidity, which will easily cause the production of blocking phenomenon, and it will face the adhesion. More and more powders will cause the speed and pressure of the ultrafine mill to change, which will reduce the output. Such larger moisture stones will also cause increased wear of the accessories inside the mill, affecting the machine. Service life.
The article mainly introduces the impact of stone moisture on the output of ultrafine mill. The above analysis of this problem is more detailed. If the moisture content in the feed is large, the impact on the output is mainly two aspects, one is through The impact of the direction of the air flow in the grinding chamber changes the output. Second, the powder with high humidity easily adheres to the grinding chamber, which affects the speed and pressure, and then reduces the output. Therefore, in order to ensure the output of the ultrafine mill, Need to ensure the reasonableness of moisture in the feed.

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