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10 years 10 months ago #24451 by penguin
I have had a chance to use the Clarence bike path several times over the years for cycling, walking the dog with my wife etc.
I can see where the residents have a point about it being right in their backyard. In fact my wife enjoyed talking a walk there because we could see the expensive homes that we will never afford, but I can see that the owners may be offended by everyone looking in their backyards. Other sections were somewhat remote and I could see where it would be a little scary for a single female to ride,walk, jog alone.
It is going to be challanging to build a trail that allows privacy for the homeowners, yet be safe and visable for users.
People have to use common sense and not expose themselves to dangerous situations as the best way to avoid crime.
I remenber rollerblading on Amherst bike path 2 weeks after the rape/murder near UB at 8am and coming up on a young female college student wearing headphones. I scared her half to death as she never heard me coming from behind with the music playing. I just shook my head in disbelief as I passed her.
I want more trails as much as anyone in this club, but we all have to respect the opinions of all involved, especially the homeowners as they are affected the most. I don't know if there is any solution to the right in the backyard trail as I'm guessing it must have to follow the railroad bed.
It would be nice to have this trail if somehow the details can be worked out, but I'm sure that would involve much costly planning and rounds of meetings that will surely doom the project.

It's a shame that every idea has to turn into a cluster#@$%


Mommy- theres a root on the trail! Make it go away! I want my Binkie
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10 years 10 months ago #24447 by NO SNOW
How about we just put the rails back in and have them locomotives pounding through your yard.

Eric Senn
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10 years 10 months ago #24446 by opresident
The Omaha study does not give facts about location and proximity to back yards. However. the trail a appears to go in front of homes along a road. Like the Trail that parallels the road in Canada while driving along the river to Niagara on the Lake or as I stated before, hilton head . It also looks like this trail goes through industrial parks like the Amherst Bike Path. Need to look at what these studies are pointing to. Nothing close to OP trail. This study is more reflective of the Amherst Bike Path, where the homes are a convenient distance away to have access and not have negative effects from safety and privacy.
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10 years 10 months ago #24445 by opresident
George, I am sure you want to look around, but this trail looks right into peoples homes, we will not be forced to keep the shades down....

moscato, from the initial looks at your report, here is the import part that is often missed because those conclusions favor those writing the reports, such as a rails trails organization or a state authority for propaganda and trying to make a point:

“A study completed by the Office of Planning in Seattle , Washington , for

the 12 mile Burke-Gilman trail was based upon surveys of homeowners

and real estate agents. The survey of real estate agents revealed that

property near, but not immediately adjacent to the trail, sells for an

average of 6 percent more.”

Seemed to miss the statement “ near but not immediately adjacent to the trail “

Not to mention this study is an opinion study and no empirical data sought. Even so, they recognize the difference between on the trail and near the trail.

On page 3 of this study conducted by LA Transpo Authority whom I am sure sponsored the trail. Why else would they spend money on a study.

from my comrade who studies these reports....
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10 years 10 months ago #24443 by michael_moscato
But George - how can you afford the coffee? Didn't the bike path reduce the value of your home? will you be out alone? aren't you afraid?
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10 years 10 months ago #24442 by george
Just got out of work... going jump on the Fixie and go for about a 20 bike ride along the Clarence/Newstead bike path. Sure is nice to wind down from a long week at work and ride were there is no traffic, cars driving 2 inches from my bike, and were I can enjoy looking around when riding. Also on my ride I might stop and get a quick coffee at the local coffee shop.
All that and exercise too!
Get out and enjoy your community, that's how it stays safe.
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