Local Rails to Trails project

10 years 10 months ago #24412 by michael_moscato
I am so glad there is no crime in the south towns...

Hassan pleads 'not guilty' in decapitation killing of wife

Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan today was ordered to remain jailed without bail pleading not guilty to second-degree murder charges in the slaying of his wife in February in Orchard Park. The woman's decapitated body was found in the offices of Bridges TV, a locally based Muslim cable television station in Orchard Park that the couple founded several years ago. (Updated: 11:01 AM)

The crime and murder "argument" (scare tactic) has NO legs to stand on. This happens everywhere, in every neigoborhood. Psychopaths act like psychopaths if ther is a rail trail or not. So let's table that portion of the discussion.
The entire "debate" comes down to - do residents want this or not (the anti trail group says they have 500 names on a petition - is this a majority of the town? county?) and as Jon stated; how much right does a property owner have to say what happens with land near (or next to) their's (land they do not own).

Someone mentioned a rail trail interfering with hunters? At present are people hunting on the rail trail? aren't they tresspassing? do you want people walking behind your house and shooting behind your house? I don't mind guns but somehow I think that would interfere with most of the barBBQs I've had.
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10 years 10 months ago #24411 by nickwrx
dont even get started with the hunters creek discussion.

Yes there are plenty of trails at the creek. But it is not related to this type of project at all. Hunters is a Destination not a pathway.

This project is intended to connect communities. Promote public health, encourage traffic to local businesses.

Not invite serial rapists into anyones back yard.

Yes buffalo has had a Nationally exploited SERIAL RAPEIST that haunted north buffalo.

I just dont think the opponents are seeing what good having a pedestrian safe travel route would do to promote friendly neighboors and community.

i would suggest one of the opponents to visit the town of fairport just east of rochester. That little village promotes its trails and pathways. and is a awesome little town.
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10 years 10 months ago #24410 by opresident
Thank you Sarah, I think if any of you felt that your right to privacy was taken away unfairly you would not let it happen.

As far as a Walmart or other use, there are zoning laws and Town regulations that permit such building, such as industrial zoning etc, we do not choose to live in those types of zoned areas....if we did and they put a walmart up you would have to deal with it. We do not live in that type of a public area, we live on a rail line through woods, where private landowners own the land on both sides of the rail line. In some cases, the Rail Road was gifted the rights for the ROW to use through their property or adjacent to their property and it was THEIR land! There are many issues here that are difficult to explain in this forum but some of the responses just don't apply in this situation. You are talking about running a trail, where a trail used to go, through someone's property, on both sides of their property in some cases and right adjacent to their property in most cases. This is not the same as any other public space project or walmart or anything else.

The most cause for emergency response on trails is medical treatment for heart attacks, bike accidents on a regular basis. Joan Diver, Clarence/Alden Trail, Linda Yalem, Ellicott Creek Bike Path, 14 year old girl on the Willow Ridge Bike Path and a 32 yr old on Ellicott Creek, these rapes and murders happen on EVERY TRAIL IN THE US!!!! I can go on and on about example of murders and rapes on each of the rail trails that we have researched. Understand that these crimes HAPPEN on Bike Paths, Rail Trails and Public Parks....NO, you are absolutely right, We Don't Want it in OUR NEIGHBORHOODS......Talk to your spouses, your children and ask them how comfortable they would feel with this risk put in to their lives that currently don't have this SAME risk, babysitters that wouldn't feel safe, mothers at home with their children alone while their husbands are on a business trip, I am sorry but that IS the real world today and it is not a safe place. Talk to your mothers to put themselves in this day and age and if they would want that for you growing up...

I know these may not be outright concerns to you, but there are other well suited areas for bike paths such as Hunters Creek etc that are beautiful and scenic and not invading your neighbors personal privacy.
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10 years 10 months ago #24409 by Jon Sundquist

Sarah wrote: It's simple...i'm all for a person's right to privacy!!
Especially when it comes to their "home" or is it "house".
Remember, they are the same thing. And our/your home is where we all feel we can relax and let our guard down or so we think!?!


El_Marko wrote: Face it - urban sprawl has finally caught up to the suburbs and beyond. So those folks not wanting people near their property (based on FEAR) will simply have to keep moving farther and farther away... if that is even possible anymore.

I don't think this is an urban sprawl issue. The area is definitely rural at least after it leaves OP. Opponents are concerned about crime, but I don't think Fear is the main motivator, I think it is more what Sarah says, fear of losing privacy. I can understand. However, it still comes back to the rail line is somebody else's property.

For example, I like peace and quiet and solitude in the country, and I was fortunate enough to be able to buy 11 acres in Cattaraugus Co. for this reason. It's on a road that turns to dirt, and had just a couple of double-wides on it. But before I signed on the dotted line, I had to think about "OK, this is how it looks now. Would I still be as happy about it if all this land around me is developed? I don't own that other property and anything can happen to it." I decided it would still be worth it so I went ahead.

Since then, A large vacation chalet has been built right behind me. Would I have liked it better as it was before? Sure. Am I upset? Not in the least. This is what one has to expect will happen over time to any land.

It all comes down to personnal responsibility. One can't, as the trail opponents want to, rely on the government to come in and make decisions about someone else's land solely to cater to their desires, espeically if it has negative impacts to the overall community.
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10 years 10 months ago #24406 by NO SNOW
We need more El Marko's............. :lol:

This whole debate is stupid!

Eric Senn
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10 years 10 months ago #24405 by El_Marko
We need more prisons! (just not in my neighborhood)

We need more half-way houses! (just not in my neighborhood)

We need more Walmart's and the jobs they create! (just not in my neighborhood)

We need more public use space! (just not in my neighborhood)

Face it - urban sprawl has finally caught up to the suburbs and beyond. So those folks not wanting people near their property (based on FEAR) will simply have to keep moving farther and farther away... if that is even possible anymore.

Keep up the debate and please, no attacks.
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