WNYMBA is an organization whose mission is to increase and maintain opportunities for mountain bicycling in Western New York.  More about our mission can be found at About Us

WNYMBA launched in 1996.  The website is a tool to help WNYMBA achieve its mission.  It lets WNYMBA present the work we are doing and to announce when events are happening.  The more the riding public knows what is going on, the more that people can join us and help out, and the more riding we will have.

A forum called the Lounge was added the website in 1998.  Forums are a good way to let people interact with the club.  Twelve years later, however, it was found that the Lounge actually detracted from our mission.  Rather than getting new places to ride, Lounge posts by random posters were used to prevent us from getting access to trails.  This is bad.

Beginning with the redesign of 2011, the Lounge no longer exists. 

However, we do have a new forum.  The new forum is part of the WNYMBA website, and is part of the tools WNYMBA uses to promote opportunities to ride.  The forum will allow the public to discuss issues related to mountain biking.  But to prevent the forum from keeping us from getting places to ride, new rules have been made. 

The forum will be moderated.  In brief, Moderators will remove:

  • Posts and threads that not bike related.  Posts on related trail activities will be allowed, especially in winter.

  • Posts that are ad hominem attacks.

  • Posts that are critical of other trail users or user groups.

  • Posts that are critical of bike shops and other establishments.

  • Unconstructive criticism.  WNYMBA is not perfect.  We welcome suggestions for improvement.  But rants about WNYMBA is not doing or is doing wrong will be deleted.  Constructive criticism is welcome.

Moderators will let posters know why posts are deleted.  Repeat offenders will be warned, and if the behavior continues will be banned as a last resort.

WNYMBA has also adopted these rules derived from those that the Southern Off Road Bicycling Association (SORBA) adopted for their forum:


The WNYMBA forum is intended to be a family-friendly online resource provided as a service by WNYMBA. WNYMBA acknowledges and appreciates that, in many cases, a person’s first introduction to WNYMBA is through this forum. The Forum shall primarily serve WNYMBA’s members by providing a venue for building the Western New York MTB Community.

1) You must first register to use the forum. Enter a valid email address and fill out your user profile. This is an open forum, and fellow users must be able to determine who you are, although you may use a nickname for your account.

A user may have only one account. Setting up multiple accounts and posing as different people is not allowed.

2) Posts that advertise for a business or product are not allowed. This includes posts with links for sales, items for sale, or online coupons. Forum users cannot post these items for a business, either.

However, within the context of an existing thread, you can reply with information about a business, a sale, or a coupon, and you may include a link. Bike shops and individuals may make these types of replies. WNYMBA strongly encourages our forum users to support local bike shops and manufacturers that are WNYMBA supports.

Individuals may post classified ads to buy and sell used or unwanted items. The Buy/Sell area of the forum exists for this purpose.

Signatures may contain links to websites for companies, bike shops, personal blogs etc. This is not considered advertising.

3) Spam will be deleted. Any account used for the sole purpose of spam or advertising will be deleted and/or blocked.

4) Posts regarding illegal activities will be deleted. Examples are: illegal trail building, poaching trails, underage drinking, illegal drugs or drug use. Posts that reference, or have play on words, that suggest these illegal activities will be edited at a Moderator’s discretion, and the user will be warned. This also applies to users’ avatars and signatures.

5) Posts or posts with links that contain sexual content, *** or highly suggestive/sexual photographs of any kind are not appropriate for this forum and will be deleted. This also applies to users’ avatars and signatures.

6) Language & Profanity Rating is PG-13: We are not aiming for Disney - think more like The Simpson's. In general, you can use a couple of the lighter words a few times. The “filter” will automatically edit most profanity; the mistyping of profane words to go around the filter is discouraged. There is a fine line between humorous and offensive, and the moderators will edit or delete content at their discretion, based on the intent of the message.

7) Conduct towards others: Personal attacks, flaming, slamming of businesses or products, or WNYMBA is not be permitted and such posts will be edited or deleted. This forum is not a place to vent against persons or groups for any reason, and such behavior will not be tolerated. Discussions should be positive.  Constructive criticism is welcome. If you need to say something negative, take it offline. PMs, emails, and the Ask WNYMBA page are other ways that you can communicate with WNYMBA and other posters.

8) Democracy, Censorship & Moderation: This forum is owned by, paid for, and operated by the Western New York Mountain Bicycling Association. We welcome you to our forum, but our moderators reserve the right to edit, delete, split, move or otherwise change your posts for reasons not specifically listed above in order to preserve our Forum mission statement. Your right to free speech does not apply here.

9) Moderators should not and will not tolerate harassment via emails, phone calls or offensive PM messages. If someone gets moderated, keep in mind that the decision was carefully made, and the moderators will stand behind the decision and be able to clearly point out why the post was moderated. If a moderator followed the rules, and gets harassed, the person who harassed the moderator will be banned from the forum for one week. We go by the 3-strikes rule before permanently banning a user, but some special people manage to earn permanent bans on their first or second try.

Moderators responsibilities and obligations:

1) Uphold these forum rules.

2) Remain unbiased, and consistent with regard to locking threads and deleting threads.

3) When an offensive post is made, a Mod should delete it and place it in Quarantine. Most times the offender will be PMed and told why the post was removed, as a courtesy, but if the post is blatantly offensive, this might not be done.

4) When thread is "marginal" with respect to content, a moderator should post the question in the Private Moderator area of the forum and seek other Mods’ opinions. If the other moderators think the post should stay, then it will be left alone.

5) Posts that are blatant spam/advertising will be deleted without a response.

6) All discussion between moderators shall be kept internal, and should not be discussed with others. In general when a moderator’s action is challenged, a single response can be provided, and should be backed by moderators.


Posts may also be moderated according to these generic "best practices" forum rules.

Remember, the mission is to get more places to ride.  If a forum post is not contributing to that, then it will be moderated.

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Our insurance company has "strongly suggested" that we tell you that Mountain Biking can be dangerous. If you're visiting this site it's very likely that you're already aware that if you insist on having a good time by riding your mountain bike, eventually you will almost certainly fall down and collect any number of boo-boos, dings and injuries, serious or otherwise, but we have to tell you anyway.

Mountain Biking is a potentially hazardous activity carrying a significant risk of bodily injury and even death. Mountain biking should only be undertaken if you have a complete awareness of these risks. You can reduce the level of risk by wearing a helmet and by riding within your own skill level.