Erie County to update Parks Master Plan; WNYMBA on the case!

eriesealAs you probably know, WNYMBA was super involved in the last master planning process back in 2003.  Back then, Hunters Creek was on the possible block for being closed to bikes.  Not only did the hard work and education provided by WNYMBA keep Hunters Creek open to bikes, but we got the plan to recommend development of a new trail system at Sprague Brook.  12 years later, the trails at Sprague Brook have been a success far beyond any expectations.

Now that it is 2015, the parks department is looking to update the master plan.  WNYMBA has already met last month with the Parks Commissioner and his staff to discuss the upcoming process.  We talked about expanding MTB opportunities into other parks.  It seems definitely possible that an additional trail system could be developed in one more park besides the two that currently allow it (Hunters and Sprague).  We also relayed to him about the promise made by the local hiking club (FLTC) that they would not use the recent closure of the white trail in Ellicottville as a pretense to close additional sections of that trail network (the orange trail in Hunters is part of that same system).  This promise was made during meetings with the hiking club about the closure of the white trail (to which we never agreed to, but lost anyway).  It is important that the orange trail at Hunters remains open to cyclists.

Stay tuned to the website for updates on this process.  We will definitely need assistance from everyone when the planning process gets into full swing.

New Ellicottville Map sent to printers

mapsnippetAnd it will soon be for sale at your local map dealer.  We had to update it because of the closing of the white trail, but we had some other updates to make, including the changes happening over by Holimont.  Check out the preview. This time around, we have many sponsors helping out with the printing costs.  Check out their awesome ads on the back side, and bring your bike and outdoor business to these local retailers helping to make the local riding scene even better!   

WNYMBA submits again for Allegany Trail Grant

asp trail viewPersistance and learning from the first try is the name of the game.  WNYMBA went after a Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grant two years ago to build the next new trail at ASP approved in the master plan.  When the RTP grants were offered again, WNYMBA doubled down and submitted a new application.  This version is better than the last one, with a smaller scope to get the trail started, a bigger cash match from WNYMBA, and more demonstration of public support.   Developing this application was a huge undertaking with many forms, questions, and legal documentations required.  Allegany State Park was very helpful in providing support, documentation, and other help in putting this application together.  Keep those fingers crossed.

Fall Trail Work Schedule Announced

Until today, it seemed like summer, after a slow start, was spilling right into September.  So the Fall trail work season has snuck up on us.  Plus, just as we were about to develop the schedule, Holiday Valley surprised us by starting the construction of the new trail formerly known as "Bell Built", and we needed to work the finish work into the schedule.  But we have a bunch of dates set, and may be adding more.  Please check our Trail Work Page for the latest dates.  

Holiday Valley starts construction of the Flow Trail!

flowAs you know, we were bummed when we came so close last year but lost in the competition for money to build a 2+ Flow Trail at Holiday Valley.  However, the effort was not in vain.  The huge interest generated by this project piqued Holiday Valley's interest in building trails at the resort.  As you know, there currently isn't much riding at Holiday Valley - the great riding is all in the adjacent 6000 acres of state forest.  There's a few wide access trails and race promoters scratched out a fall line descent to make a loop for doing races, but not a lot to appeal to the general public.

So this spring, WNYMBA submitted a New Trails Proposal which included the Bell Built trail as well as other options.  This provided a range of possible options for Holiday Valley to consider.

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