HHE in running for grooming funds


45NRTH selected HHE as one of 6 finalists in their Groomed Singletrack Grant competition. This means that they will toss $500 to HHE for making it this far. And if HHE raises the most cash, they will toss $3000 grand our way. Our dreams of a solar powered kegerator is in our grasp.  Well, actually dreams of grooming about 6 miles of singletrack for Fat bikes and cross country skiing,  the funds will be used to support a grooming sled,(fuel, repairs, trailer) as well as investing in a professionally made groomer drag, singage, etc... Please consider tossing  a few bucks this way, the more funds for grooming, means more of Thom's piggy bank can be spent for other trail needs...

Nominations Still Open - Elections In January


Politics ElectionsAhead

Sometimes it’s just not a good idea to skip a club meeting. Especially if you have an aversion to politics.

Our November meeting resulted in a great mix of nominees for 2016 office. Some volunteered to stand for January election on their own, others were “volunteered” in their absence. Either way, we’re happy to present the current list of candidates for WNYMBA’s 2016 executive and advisory boards.

The nominees are:

President – Jon Sundquist

Vice-President – Jerry Barbour, Todd Fiore, Melissa Melnik, Max Walker, Thom Wright

Treasurer – Joe Crumlish

Secretary – Jerry Barbour, Melissa Melnik, Mary Walker

         Advisory Board (4) – Jim Allen, Ben Clauss, Greg Culver, Paul Marko, Melissa Melnik, Mike Moscato, Max Walker, TJ Zydel

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Throw the Bums Out! - Nominations Nov. 18th

You won’t be able to strike your actual blow for a corruption-free mountain biking world until election-time in January, but this is the next best thing – your chance to nominate your own favorite crooks for WNYMBA office.

Join us for our next meeting on Wednesday November 18th at 7:00 PM at Santora’s Pub & Grill, 1402 Millersport Hwy in Amherst, right near UB North when we’ll take nominations for a new slate of officers.

Up for grabs in January will be the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and four Advisory Board positions, but at this meeting … all we’ll need is your input on who you think should guide the club in 2016.

As usual, it won’t be all business. Santora’s website advertises 43 brands of draft beer and their pizza is legendary. Come on out and sample your way to democracy!


October Meeting - 21st - Colden Inn


Meeting clip art

So sue us for false advertising! We said that last month’s meeting would be the final one at the Colden Inn for 2015, but the good weather lately has changed our minds. We’ll be back at the Colden Inn for one more meeting and very likely, one more round, on Wednesday October 21st at 8:00 PM.

Take this last opportunity to do the “Sprague Brook/Colden Inn Double”. Tire yourself out first and bring yourself up to speed on what’s happening in the world of WNY Mountain Biking later, all on the same night. New members, old members and non-members … everyone is welcome.

If you love bikes, pizza beer and good company the Colden Inn is the place to be on 10/21 at 8:00 o’clock.

First Trail Work Day - New Holiday Valley Trail

HVTrail 4 9.20.15

Dirt was flying in all the right directions on Sunday Sept 20th, as WNYMBA held its’ first trail work day on the “under-construction” new trail at Holiday Valley.

Mike Nenno and Bob Gross of Holiday Valley have been using a mini-excavator over the past couple of weeks to rough in the trail and WNYMBA members did final finishing and light bench cutting to this past weekend to complete the very first, albeit short, section from Spruce Lake to the Tannenbaum ski run.

This 3-mile, two-way trail will be both the easy entry point to the Holiday Valley/East McCarty trail system that beginner mountain bikers have needed for years and an amazing way for riders of all skill levels to end a day’s ride. Starting at Spruce Lake and featuring great views and a gentle, consistent 5% grade from top-to-bottom, the trail will flow back and forth across several of Holiday Valley’s ski runs, using banked berm turns in the wooded transition areas, to finally end up at the Training Center.

There’s a long way to go – we’ve only just started, but this trail is REAL and it’s in the works NOW. Check out our Fall Trail Work Schedule and come on out next time to be part of history!

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