Trail Construction Grant ($$) still on track for Allegany: Updates

As you may recall, WNYMBA announced last year that in partnership with Allegany State Park, a Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grant was made to construct the new Stone Tower Trail at Allegany.  The grant is for about $95,000, but the terms of the grant is that we have to match 20% in funds and/or volunteer labor.  We are on the hook for between $18K and $19K.  That is where the IMBA Digin Campaign came into play last year.  Perhaps you recall this, but here is the link annoucing it:  Thanks to you all, we raised thousands of dollars that will go towards the match.  We have also been raising money through raffles and other events, but will have to make a major push again in the next year to raise more for our match.

We also plan to use volunteer labor towards the match.  Unfortunately, the considerable number of hours we have already spent on this trail won't count because they were prior to award.  We have workers standing by, including Greg Snow with his excavator (yeah Greg!) ready to go, but we have to hold off until it the period opens up for this to count towards the match.  

But in summary, this grant, and this trail (the portion in the very center of the image above - the existing ASP trails, including the new thunder run is on the left, and a future Stone Tower expansion all the way to just above the Salamanca Casino - phase 2 - is in the lower right) is a definite go.  WNYMBA wants everyone who contributed to know that this funding you contributed is still there and will be put towards this new trail.  We have been in constant consultation with the Park, and they are putting the finishing touches on the extensive paperwork needed for this grant.  Once that paperwork is in place, the Park will hire someone similar to the firm (Dirt Artisans) who built Jakes Rocks to come in and build most of the trail, with WNYMBA building the rest as part of the match.  The Park indicated that they expect the time when volunteer match will be eligible should be in a month or so, so look for volunteer opportunities to come at that time.  And until then, raising the total of $18K+ will be a challenge, even with the volunteer labor and the digin campaign, so anyone out there who wants to help us meet this goal, please contact our treasurer Joe Crumlish about a donation.

This trails is going to be awesome, and it is definitely going to happen.  Time to get excited!

Exciting 2018 Season

Hey WNYMBAers!

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This summer is jam-packed with events, clinics, camping weekends, group rides, and parties.  It's almost too good to be true! 

Allegany Work Weekend cancelled due to snow.

coasterThat picture to the left is the web cam at Holiday Valley.  I use that to check to see how much snow is down in Ellicottville.  I didn't have to do that today because Allegany called us to tell us that 4" of snow fell yesterday and more is on the way.  We have decided to cancel the work weekend because we don't want to get a huge crew out there if we weren't going to make a lot of progress.  Temps are forecast to stay below freezing through the weekend, and snow is forecast tomorrow and Sunday.  So it's with a heavy heart that we are cancelling this event this year.  Stay tuned for more news about getting the stone tower trail built.

Raffle for a New Growler Performance Bike Fat Bike Frame

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Good News WNY Fatbikers! Willo Glynn, from Growler Performance Bikes, has generously donated two Growler frames to be raffled off this winter ($700 value each). All proceeds will go to help match the 20% funds for the RTP Grant recently awarded to the Western New York Mountain Bike Association and the Parks and Trails Grant (if we get it). Both grants are for the construction of the Stone Tower Trail at Allegany State Park.

Raffles will be sold on Saturday, December 2nd, at Stoneyard Brewing Company (after the Global Fatbike Day Ride), on Sunday, December 3rd at Long Point State Park, at the December and January Slow Roll in Buffalo, on Saturday, January 13th, at the 3rd Annual Genesee County Park Fat Bike Ride, and during WNYMBA's February Beer Release Fundraiser.

IF you win one of the frames, Growler will give you an additional $300 off to do a complete build with your frame. What's even more awesome? Growler will give you "behind-the-scenes" access, where you can work with them, step-by-step, in building your new bike. How cool is that?!

Drawing for one frame will be at the WNYMBA beer release, and the drawing for the second frame will be in early March on Facebook Live. Both winners will receive a phone call if not present. ALL PROCEEDS go towards the Stone Tower Trail at Allegany State Park. Sweet!!

Dig-In Campaign and The Stone Tower Trail at ASP

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WNYMBA recently learned that we have been awarded an RTP Grant for $92,000! However, we need to match 20% of the grant, which means that the club needs to raise about $9,000 in matching dollars and match an additional $9,000 in-kind, which will come from volunteer labor.

Some of the $9,000 will come from IMBA and from corporate sponsors, but the rest needs to come from individual riders like you. Think of it as an investment in the future of mountain biking in WNY.

The project is the construction of 3.6 miles of new singletrack near the Stone Tower.  Approximately 95% will be constructed by a trail construction contractor to be procured through competitive bidding.  
This project has been in the planning stage for approximately six years, but is now shovel-ready for construction.  WNYMBA will finalize a design that will ensure that the new trail be constructed in a sustainable fashion, and in accordance with the trail design guidelines in the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP).
The expected outcome will be a singletrack trail that will be attractive to not only mountain bicyclists, but to hikers and winter sport enthusiasts.  This trail will build upon the success of similar trails developed by WNYMBA in nearby state forests.  Addition of the Stone Tower Trail will help bring the region to a critical density of worldclass singletrack trails that will attract multiple user groups from all around the WNY area.  

In addition to the 8 mile Stone Tower Trail, we have permission to build an ADDITIONAL 12 miles at Cain Hollow in ASP. Want to see WNY become a trail mecca in 3-5 years? Well, now is the time that we lay the foundation to make this a reality. Give all that you can now, and in a few years, it will all be worth it!  

Click this link to donate WNYMBA's Dig-In Campaign:

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