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There's a lot of good MTB racing in WNY.  WNYMBA was started back in 1992 by a bunch of racers, and we ran the Raccoon Rally and Roots, Rocks, and Ridges races for many many years.

Today, the races are put on by two phenomenal local groups who are great WNYMBA supporters.  Some of the races these folks put on include the Sprague Brook series, the Single Track Stampede, the Raccoon Rally, and 6HOP.

Check out the options for racing at:




Our insurance company has "strongly suggested" that we tell you that Mountain Biking can be dangerous. If you're visiting this site it's very likely that you're already aware that if you insist on having a good time by riding your mountain bike, eventually you will almost certainly fall down and collect any number of boo-boos, dings and injuries, serious or otherwise, but we have to tell you anyway.

Mountain Biking is a potentially hazardous activity carrying a significant risk of bodily injury and even death. Mountain biking should only be undertaken if you have a complete awareness of these risks. You can reduce the level of risk by wearing a helmet and by riding within your own skill level.