Review: Ergon GX1 Leichtbau Grips

What is Leichtbau? And why would anybody pay that much ($39.95 MSRP) for a pair of mountain bike grips?

The key feature of this lock-on grip is the wing like shape of the grip which distributes the pressure over a wider section of your palm. I was having issues with my hand tingling and going numb on descents and on long rides.

The GX1 has almost completely alleviated this problem. I even find the wing shape helps me lift the rear of the bike when bunny-hopping by exaggerating the wrist roll.

The Ergon GX1 grips lock in place securely with a single 4mm bolt on the outside aluminum collar. I’ve used other more standard style (round) lock on grips which have tiny 2.5mm bolts with aluminum collars on the outside as well as the inside. One bolt is much easier to adjust. This is important because you need to fiddle a bit to find just the right angle because of the wing. The waffle pattern in the grippy rubber allows for a secure grip even when hands are wet or muddy.

I like them so much I’ve installed them on both of my big-wheeled bikes. They are really comfortable. If you haven’t been using lock-on style grips on your bike try a pair. You will instantly perceive additional control vs. the traditional non-locking rubber grips which often rotate. This is particularly noticeable when wet.

My unscientific weighing policy says they are about twice as heavy as light rubber only, non-locking grips (but those are junk) and slightly heavier than the round ODI lock-on grips.

They only colors available are gray or the “team edition” which is a really ugly green. I believe leichtbau means “light” in German. These grips are manufactured in Germany. Use a torque wrench if installing any lock-on style grip on a carbon handle bar. – Mike Moscato


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