A Note from the President (Nov 2010)

The weather was fantastic, the trails dry, 115 people, great music, smiling faces, more demo bikes than could be ridden, great food, people from afar, kids, laughter, and more swag than we could give away.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then unfortunately, you missed WNYMBA’s MTB Fest.

The only hiccup that occurred was a that week earlier a micro burst picked up about 100 trees and dropped them like toothpicks at one of the only, if not the only, major intersections of 4 trails.

So we had to be creative to get the long group ride in on Saturday. This was the first year for Team Orwat taking on the task of running the whole shebang and did they ever pull it off. A huge thanks goes out to Charlene, Brian (there were rumors, that Brian shucked his responsibilities and left the country to drink a little rum), Bianca, and Moriah Orwat.

We had a great bunch of volunteers; special thanks goes to Roger & Cathy Brath for the games, George Gilham for another outstanding T shirt, Paul Marko for kicking the whole thing off with the poster back at the Swap, Scott Potter for a cookout for the kids and beginners ride. And off course, the VOICE of it all, Todd Fiore (remind me why we purchased a bullhorn seems pretty redundant.) I’m sure I missed a bunch of people here, so thanks to all that helped out.

Your club is currently in the middle of the fall trail work days in EVL and Sprague Brook. The re route was completed around the aforementioned micro burst, and in some ways, is an improvement over the old Billygoat Trail. We took a page out the workbook at EVL from last year and decided to try and harden some wet spots a Sprague with great results so far.

We also attended a meeting in EVL on September 16th to give our input into the recently released NYS DEC Strategic Plan for State Forest Management. We are fortunate here to have established a great working relationship with Region 9 and have 35+ miles of single track already established. Seven of us then traveled to Warren PA to the ANF on September 18th for an IMBA Subaru Trail Care Crew school and work day. If you ever get a chance to attend one of these, it is well worth it. That was my third IMBA event, and I can’t get enough.

Speaking of which, I just sent in our application for the IMBA Subaru Trail Care Crew to visit our area in 2011. I did a little schmoozing at the event in Warren with our IMBA regional director and the newly hired coordinator for the Trail crews nationally. I’m pretty confident this will happen next year. So once we get the word that it’s a go, I’ll get the dates out to everyone so you can all mark your calendars for a 3-4 day event next year, not all trail work either. Party time!

Membership continues to grow and with lots of new faces. Don’t be afraid to show up at one of our meetings or trail work days and get involved. We always value the input.

If anyone knows of a good meeting place that has a separate room, doesn’t charge a minimum and has great pizza and a variety of beer, let me know. The Colden Inn has worked out well for the summer riding season, but now we are looking for a winter alternative to serve our members.

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