WNYMBA Builds and Maintains Trails!

There are a lot of things that go into having good places to ride.  Of course things like organizing and working with land managers play a big part.  But when it comes down to it, the only way to get and keep good places to ride is to work on the trails.

WNYMBA both builds and maintains trails.  We have been trained by the best, the IMBA Trail Care Crews, which have made four visits to our trails, and we have traveled to their seminars in nearby PA, Ontario and central NY.  All of WNYMBA's trail design and construction is in accordance with the IMBA guidelines so that the trails will be sustainable.

Even with sustainable design, trails need maintenance because there is not always the perfect line between points A and B.  So some of our work days are maintenance rather than new construction.  Our agreements with Erie County Parks and the DEC (state forests) require us to keep the trails in top condition if we want to continue to have access.

We work on trails because it is fun.  Nobody should be going to trail work days just because they are "supposed to".  WNYMBA trail work days are fun and give great satisfaction.  We don't start until 10 AM so you can still sleep in on the weekend.  We work really hard so after 3-4 hours or less our arms are dead and we quit for a WNYMBA-supplied lunch.  And since it is only our arms that get tired, we usually still manage to get a good ride in afterward.  And WNYMBA supplies all the tools.  What's not to like?

Upcoming Trail Work Days

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Our insurance company has "strongly suggested" that we tell you that Mountain Biking can be dangerous. If you're visiting this site it's very likely that you're already aware that if you insist on having a good time by riding your mountain bike, eventually you will almost certainly fall down and collect any number of boo-boos, dings and injuries, serious or otherwise, but we have to tell you anyway.

Mountain Biking is a potentially hazardous activity carrying a significant risk of bodily injury and even death. Mountain biking should only be undertaken if you have a complete awareness of these risks. You can reduce the level of risk by wearing a helmet and by riding within your own skill level.