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10 months 4 weeks ago #44994 by Legrand
Legrand replied the topic: Latest Hunters Conditions
To be fair, the only reason the right side of the map is "dry" is because of all the boardwalks that we installed many, many, many years ago. Also, many of the wetter trails over there have been "closed" off (not marked and attempted to be concealed).

Honestly, much of the right side where I rode would be a lot better if we could get some drainage installed. A couple of years back when I was working on the blue trail from the "upper entrance", a guy brought some rectangular plastic mesh covered drain "pipe" that would work wonders if it were installed in many locations.

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10 months 4 weeks ago - 10 months 4 weeks ago #44993 by pmac225
pmac225 replied the topic: Latest Hunters Conditions
Map I rode from the lower lot last night and had a much different experience than Legrand. I encountered very little mud. Most of the trails on the west side(left) of his map are notoriously wet and should not be ridden until the dryer months.
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11 months 1 day ago #44992 by Legrand
Legrand replied the topic: Latest Hunters Conditions

So, I rode last night (5/18/17) for the first time this season at hunters from the upper lot. Conditions were fairly bad with there being a copious quantity of mud to be found.I was hoping that the last couple of days of sun and temps in the 80's would get rid of a lot of the issues, but, at least where I rode, it didn't. Now that the trees have spread their leaves, the sun won't be able to get to the floor of the forest to help very much either. It needs a good two solid weeks of decently high temperatures and no rain for it to be "better" given the muck I ran across.

A detailed rundown by the numbers where I rode:
1) Went straight in from the upper lot. The entrance is still muddy, but the soil there is clay, which is about the only clay you run across at HC as far as I know, so it wasn't too bad to get through. It's still pretty wide as people have been trying to get around the mud. Continuing in, I went through the dip and then turned right to do the little lower area. Bad idea. Head straight instead of turning right as the switchback coming up the hill is a muddy mess.
2) Climbing up the hill was fine.
3) The "newer" trail around the berm was OK too.
4) Downhill blast, over the fire road was muddy for 50% of it.
5) The turn to ride parallel with the creek (red trail) was nasty. Really needs drainage help since it's on a hillside. Unfortunately people keep putting logs on the downhill side, parallel to the trail, which causes pools of water to form.
6) Riding along the creek was OK.
7) The trail parallel to the fire road (still red) was OK for the most part
8) as was the climb up to the fire trail gate.
9) heading from the gate toward the yellow trail (downhill) was poor. It's usually somewhat muddy, but it is still really wet at this point.
10) This area is a disaster. It always is. Took the gas line uphill but the blue trail back down and both were horrid.Once you hit the light blue trail intersection it gets better.
11-12) I think this is called the Hermit loop. The tightly curved area between 11 & 12 is pretty bad. It usually is, but it's really nasty now.
13) Yellow trail near the feeder creek. This is downright nasty. Worse than I thought it would be. There's also a large tree down at the far end of the trail where it crosses the feeder stream.
14) This is the blue trail heading downhill from the gas line to the edge of the park. It's fine. I even stopped and cut up the thorn tree that's been sitting on the trial for the last couple of years.
15) Blue trail along the edge of the ravine. Again, not too bad but the rains have messed up the hill running down (or up to) the gas line.
16) Yellow trail again. Nasty again, especially the closer you get to the gas line. I'd avoid, if possible.

Well, there you have it. I won't try again until we get a string of decently warm and dry days.

tl;dr: avoid unless you want mud covered glop and to destroy the trails.

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11 months 3 weeks ago #44987 by kendoggggg
kendoggggg replied the topic: Latest Hunters Conditions
Tried out the lower lot this morning. I would recommend staying away for a couple more days of dry weather so the trails don't get damaged more. I went out of the parking lot down to the purple loop by the creek. Quite a few muddy spots. Whoever went before me, probably last night, did a good job of going right through the wet spots, but even with that (and I did the same) it was bad enough to stay away. I bailed after climbing about halfway up the hill after leaving the creek because it wasn't getting any better. I didn't want to do any more damage. The one dry spot was the yellow trail to the slalom orange. At the top of the yellow I tried out the bridges, but the trails between them need more time, too. If you're in for a short ride, or multiple loops of the same thing, do the upper entrance out of the lot to the yellow climb, then take the orange slalom down. Repeat.

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1 year 7 months ago #44953 by pmac225
pmac225 replied the topic: Latest Hunters Conditions
Wow! an actual trail update! I rode a lot of areas today and the trails were in great shape except Mirkwood. A pack of about 6-7 horses just had gone through there and made a real mess. I'm not trying to put down equestrians here, but all trail users should use a little sense in the impact they may cause whether due to riding in poor conditions or using some trails that just won't hold up to certain activities.
Another thing, that I am reluctantly to bring up is the building of stunts on certain trails. At first, I thought it was really cool to have these features and still do. However, they seem to be getting rebuilt bigger every week or two. This may have a negative impact on our presence in the park. Just my opinion.

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1 year 9 months ago #44941 by barkeater
barkeater replied the topic: Latest Hunters Conditions
Rode last nite and trails on west side were great. There was evidence of a horse recently but easy enough to navigate around the droppings.
Unfortunately, I was not so lucky to avoid some dog droppings :(
Other than that there is a tree down just north of the foundation on the wide trail (between 23 & 27).
Still, great conditions!

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