Bike and gears won't move!?

9 months 1 day ago #45054 by lococj7
lococj7 replied the topic: Bike and gears won't move!?
Sounds like your chain could be wedged. Follow the chain around to the point where it appears to be stuck. Gently pop it free with a tire lever or screw driver. Verify your bike will shift all gears afterwards, or if not bring it in for a tuneup.

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9 months 5 days ago #45051 by jenniferbutler810
jenniferbutler810 created the topic: Bike and gears won't move!?
I accidentally moved gears too fast and now my bike won't move. Like the pedals won't go forward and the gears won't change. Maybe it has to do with the chain. I don't know! Please tell me what to do!

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