Van Mieu in Hanoi

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The inner-self of Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam divided into 5 zones, and are separated by the transverse walls constructed of brick mallet. The first starting from Temple of Literature to Modern Chinese. Before entering the Temple of Literature, you have to go through the think, includes 4 large columns built of brick, in which the two space, between built of higher top universe has put two pair flanking the two space in addition to lower peak cylinder has offset pattern, phoenix tail inward, the top 4 back 4 directions. Dear universe embossed the pair of couplets written in Chinese. Both sides think there are 2 beer “Down code”. Through think, go straight to Temple of Literature subjects, including 3 doors arches, in which the middle door was built 2 floors. Downstairs and wide staircase to upstairs. The outside floor below open a door made of solid wood, mi door semicircle has embossed double dragons flanking facial menstruation. The upper floor is smaller, is designed as a think 2 8th floor roof includes 4 awnings, 4 roof roof. This floor opens 3 doors, the door between hung bells khanh, around the corridor was wide, 4-sided parapet.
From Literature, anal, tourists of follow brick path will be to port the second is The China gate, including 3 with background brick, roofing tile, texture, top, legs, columns, two sides are open 2 the door is Of German and University of Finance. Wall, horizontal connector 3 on the door of The Chinese ass stretched to the diaphragm wall along the outside, inside there are many trees, creating a relaxed feeling when walking in the middle of solemn, tranquil.
Brick path from Literature anal taken to the second area, from The China gate to Khue Van The. Built from 1805, Of Literature, is a floor square there are 2 floors, 8 roofs. Downstairs is 4 pillars, brick, 4 sides blank. The upper floor is a wooden structure, roofing tile, 4-sided bung, wooden planks, each side carved with a rounded door have put the children to add symbolizes the rays of the sao Khue are shining in the sky. The two sides Of Literature, is the two-door Pumpkin and Rinse.
Source: Du Lich

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