Jakes Rocks Public Comment open till June 3

The ANF has the Public Comment open till June 3rd. the following link will get you to the letter that details some of the specifics of the project , the map and a link to email your comment, you can also phone or fax it in..

There is some consideration regarding closing the trail system during the Winter months, many of us want them to be treated just like hiking trails, not closed for hunting or Winter...  but voice your own comments, just be sure to  express your desire to get these trails in,, please......

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Imagine: 39 miles of epic riding, just over the border:

Latest Jake's updates

Update - info from Frank MaGuire...IMBA midatlanticregional director and beer drinker.

  1. Things are still rolling along. two different grants were secured/reassigned bringing the project funds into the $250,000 range. which would be close to enough for the first phase, some of the campground connectors, some of the blue and one or two of the black routes.
  2. Timeline -we know nothing is ever definite, but... the EA completion could/should happen this next calendar year, If the EA is completed by Summer,, that would for clearing of corridor in the Fall if all goes well, a selection of the contractor in the Fall. and then beginning construction in Spring 2015...

Scoping will likely occur this Spring..-ANF announce proposed action and contact stakeholders for input..... we will be asking for positive letter campaign from friends near and far for support.

Probably a public meeting happening in Warren, in March,

NAMBA-ANF will likely formalize a maintenance agreement for the future trail system, along with possible work on existing trails to establish a good, trusting working relationship.

It may seem like we have been talking about this for years.. well we have... but the news of having a significant amount of funding waiting to go to the contractor,, is a huge bit of news that ought to make everyone consider that project is moving in the right direction. some of you may consider locking yourself in a dark room, putting a towel over the crack below the door and letting out a short, timid squeal of anticipatory joy

there may be more news (hopefully positive) in January... will post up info then...

Updates on Jakes Rock Progress

The latest from Rich Edwards of IMBA, who is working on the Jakes Rock Project:

Hello Jakes Rocks Trails Team,

Based on the GIS calculations there are currently 28 miles of flagged trail corridor.  This translates into an estimated  32 miles of built trail as the GIS calculations typically are 10-20% short compared to when the built trail is measured due to all the dips and meanders created during the build.  

A two person team will be returning from May 18th through May 26th to refine the design and flag additional mileage. 

After that work is completed a final map, GIS data,  and a short document describing the various trails and their intended experience will be provided to NAMBA and the USFS by the end of June.   Hopefully that will be useful during the NEPA process and in marketing the project to potential donors.  

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ANF Jakes Rock meeting

There will be a public meeting concerning the Jakes Rocks Trails Project Tuesday the 3rd of May (WNYMBA's 19th birthday!) at the Warren Public Library. Members of the International Mountain Bicycling Association and Trail Solutions will be present to answer questions and discuss their progress.

It is vital that we have a strong public showing of support at this meeting. Please make time to attend. This is the time to show support for growth of cycling related tourism in our area.

For further discussion, see this forum topic.

Warren, PA Jakes Rocks 30 plus miles

Richard Edwards - IMBA trail solutions and Jeremy Wimpey- applied trails research. along with PKP and NAMBA and the staff of the ANF are intending to develop close to 45 miles of stacked loop trails along the south rim of the Kinzu resevoir. the plan is to develop not only sweet single track, but diverse trails, with some gravity trails as well. they learned from raystown lake and intend to make a very different feel.

Timeline: plan by march 2011, ground truing 4/11 flagging,4/11 to 4/13 the NEPA review via ANF, and public comment. (the ANF staff present were very supportive and seemed to me excited and the IMBA guy seemed impressed as well when ANF staff said they hoped to cut it down to 12 months,) so if the gods shine down on us. development could start on phase one (5-10 mile loop) in summer 2012 with it done by August.

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