Fall Trail Work Schedule Announced

600 239586142Fall?  It sure seems like summer!  The weather lately is nicer (and warmer) than a lot of July and August.  But Fall does indeed start later this week, and it is time to put out the fall schedule of work days.  This warm weather can last all that long.

So far, we have work days planned at Darien Lake, Hunters Creek and Sprague Brook.  We hope to add a few more dates, including possibly an Ellicottville date and another Hunters.

So far we have:

-  Darien Lake Trail Building Sept. 30

-  Sprague Brook Fall Day #1 Oct. 14

-  Hunters Creek Oct. 21

-  Sprague Brook Fall Day #2 Nov. 4

Hope to see you all there.


Spring 2017 Trail Work Schedule Announced

trailsAnd what a great trail work season we have coming up.  Highlights include (1) Starting trail building at Darien Lakes State Park!  (2) Another trail building weekend at Allegany State Park with free cabin lodging  (3) more maintenance work at Erie County forests and Cattaraugus State forests.

Check out the summary at the Trail Work Page, or over at Meetup.

Hope to see you all out on the trails.

Fall 2016 Trail Work Schedule Announced

600 2395861421It may not feel like fall yet, but it sure is getting darker faster.  That means it's time for the fall work schedule.  We hope you can make it to one or two this fall.  We have tried to schedule around major events, but do have one event on Oct. 8 (fall fest weekend) where we hope to have some boy scouts helping out.  We have events scheduled every weekend up through November.  See you on the trails!  

Web page calendar Link

Meetup Link (same info)

Fall Trail Work Schedule Announced

Until today, it seemed like summer, after a slow start, was spilling right into September.  So the Fall trail work season has snuck up on us.  Plus, just as we were about to develop the schedule, Holiday Valley surprised us by starting the construction of the new trail formerly known as "Bell Built", and we needed to work the finish work into the schedule.  But we have a bunch of dates set, and may be adding more.  Please check our Trail Work Page for the latest dates.  

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Updates/Changes to the Spring Trail Work Schedule

What a wild spring it has been! It started out with so much snow that we had to cancel our first two trail days (at Ellicottville and Sprague). There was still snow on the trails and roads on April 11!

And then, the weather turned into summer virtually overnight, with riding on dry, dusty trails by the end of April. Amazing.

This, plus some other events, have caused us to make some changes to our spring trail work schedule. The chhanges to date are:

  • The April 4 Sprague and April 11 E-ville days were cancelled
  • We also had to reschedule the Hunters Creek work day on May 10 due to illness. Fortunately, we were able to contact everyone planning on attending, and were still there at the trailhead in case someone didn't get the memo

And ... we have a couple of changes going through to the end of the spring period:

  • The cancelled Hunters Creek days is being rescheduled to May 30 (Saturday). Hope you can head out to Hunters and help resident trail guru Ben Claus add some love the lines
  • National Trails Day, originally scheduled for Sprague, is being moved to Ellicottville. The occasion will be the Grand Opening of the new Black Trail. This is the trail that parallels the now-closed White Trail from the comm tower on Mutton Hollow Rd. behind Holiday Valley. It's been a lot of work over the past year, but this trail is now ready to ride. It still needs some tweaks, and that is what we will be doing first, but then there will be the celebratory barbeque and ride afterward.

After NTD, it's time to ride and race for the rest of the summer! Hope to see you out on the trails this spring. Trail work is fund and rewarding, so join us!

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