Updates on Jakes Rock Progress

The latest from Rich Edwards of IMBA, who is working on the Jakes Rock Project:

Hello Jakes Rocks Trails Team,

Based on the GIS calculations there are currently 28 miles of flagged trail corridor.  This translates into an estimated  32 miles of built trail as the GIS calculations typically are 10-20% short compared to when the built trail is measured due to all the dips and meanders created during the build.  

A two person team will be returning from May 18th through May 26th to refine the design and flag additional mileage. 

After that work is completed a final map, GIS data,  and a short document describing the various trails and their intended experience will be provided to NAMBA and the USFS by the end of June.   Hopefully that will be useful during the NEPA process and in marketing the project to potential donors.  

Thanks to everybody for their hard work making the project the success it is to date.  The potential for a destination trail system is excellent.  

A very rough timeline:

May 2011 Trail corridor flagging and mapping completed.
June-July 2011 GIS data, maps, and documentation delivered to NAMBA/USFS
Fall 2011-2012 SAREP NEPA compliance process. (Hopefully concludes with a FONSI for the trails)
Winter/Spring 2012 Develop implementation plan (Level of additional planning will depend upon funding stream requirements and results of NEPA process.)
Summer 2013 -> Construction commences ( How long that takes depends upon available funding and other factors.)
Fall 2014 Grand opening/Festival style event

Thanks again for making this a reality,

Rich Edwards

Richard Edwards - IMBA Trail Solutions Manager

International Mountain Bicycling Association   

1005 South Dogwood Drive,

Harrisonburg, Va 22801 USA

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